Waterfall At Stanhope

Waterfall At Stanhope
photo by ljoyburke

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A few things that have been boggling my mind.

Things that have been boggling my mind.

I confess that this is a bit of a random warm up, rant type thing to get me started in my new Blog Home. Here are just of the few of the things that I've been meaning to blog about, and haven't quite gotten around to yet. So I figure that the best thing is to get the topics out on the cyberpage, so that I would indeed get their stories out over the next year. I hope you like the new spot.

1. Speed limit sign that no one pays attention to, anywhere.
2. Evangelical Christians, whose faces always seem to be lined with frowns.
3. Small children who feel they have to have a cell phone.
4. Big people with one child, driving their 2007 Hummer to their five bedroom, seven bath house, when just a half a town over, 4 adult, 2 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats a bird and a turtle live in a one bedroom one bath apartment.

Oh yeah, there's also the one
about the fanatical Catholic
who made movies like
"The Passion of the Christ"
and "Mad Max",
and millions and millions of dollars,
enough to own his own island,
and build his own private church
on his multiple acres,
because delusions of grandeur had
elevated him above the common man,
who years after his righteous
directorial fame, gets arrested
for driving while drunk,
and then spews anti Semitic rhetoric into the air.

6. Itty bitty motorcycles
ridden by helmetless
big old bloaky guys
whose knees stick out
like grasshopper legs.

7. A lot of folks have been saying to me recently that keeping one's word is the exception rather than the norm.

8. The guys who told my young impressionable hard working cousin to stop working so hard he was making them look bad.

9. People who clean the debrie in their car out into the parking lot, or freeway, or sidestreet.

10. That mysterious animal head that showed up one Sunday in the middle of my field, boggled the minds of the boys in the neighborhood too.

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One of My Peeps

One of My Peeps
Robin photo by ljoyburke

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