Waterfall At Stanhope

Waterfall At Stanhope
photo by ljoyburke

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Random Post In The Middle of The Day

I was visiting two retired teachers, Rachel Smith and Singer Songwriter Emmalene Garrett Penn on Friday afternoon. I'd just shot a little video of Penn singing her new single Teachers' Tears, and I wanted to show them how videos can be used in websites.

When I went through the Rolodex of my mind to find something to load onto my site, Stevie Wonder's name immediately appeared. When I was child the first three albums I remember receiving were Sly and the Family Stone, The Jackson Five, and then a little later Stevie's first album. Stevie was a real miracle to me back then, still is, so much creative passion in him. Superstition is an interesting song, considering those years.

Old heads (children of immigrants and the enslaved) had barrels of superstitions which they passed down to their children, while New Age citizens were delving into metaphysics, paranormal psychology, extra terrestrial/walk-ins, and worrying about alien abductions. Those years were such a fun time for self discovery the younger boomers.

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One of My Peeps

One of My Peeps
Robin photo by ljoyburke

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