Waterfall At Stanhope

Waterfall At Stanhope
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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fired Up

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A week ago, I turned on the fire under my little single egg frying pan to warm it up, and while I was waiting, went back to do something in my office. When I returned to the kitchen a minute later the frying pan was on fire. I was shocked, but calm, because the fire was small enough that I was able to quickly pour baking soda on it to put the fire out. If I had waited say a couple of minutes more, that fire would have turned into something much worse. Needless to say I was filled with gratitude with my knowledge of how to put out a grease fire, and my ability to maintain a calm focus.

Later that evening I read about this fire in Houston Texas, involving a daycare provider, and the death of 4 of the 7 toddlers in her care. When the story broke, we heard that the woman had left something on the stove in the kitchen, while she was in the bathroom, and it caught on fire.
In a follow up story we learn that camera's at a nearby Target store had captured her image while she was shopping, instead of being in the house with the children. She's fled the country, and the legal system is hoping for her extradition.

I decided to read the comments to this particular article because this is such a devastating thing to have happened those who were killed, and to those left behind. I wanted to know how the community was responding and add my prayers and condolences to the voices.

As I read, I was greatful with those who chose to stand against the hateful rants that also accompanied this story. I believe that this woman should absolutely be brought to justice. I agreed also with those who complain that there are a lot of folks who are slackers, just do enough to get by, and don't care. I see it every day, and it frustrates sometimes and angers me at others. I also believe that there is a good deal of negligence that occurs when it comes to children, ask them - they'll tell you for themselves. They'll tell you in no uncertain terms, that they don't believe people have respect for each other. I know because I've asked them and truly that's a sad state of affairs.

These years with our new found freedom of speech through cyber-speak, are showing how profoundly judgmental and at times vile we are. It makes for an insidious level of disconnect in our day to day interactions . This is the world we are creating for our children - the history we are teaching - the model for being in the world. If that is what we perpetuate, we shouldn't be alarmed when those next generations who will be running the world when we are older, aren't doing it like we think they're supposed to.

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One of My Peeps

One of My Peeps
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