Waterfall At Stanhope

Waterfall At Stanhope
photo by ljoyburke

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ending an Era

Obamaphoria - how
the American Dream

pockets of jubilant
people having placed their bet
on the President Elect
Barack Obama
pack for the inauguration
millions have cashed in on this
dose of hope, this promise
of change, this lift from
the malaise of war, treachery,
manipulation and greed.

we'd been looking for a hero
some compassion - and a brain bigger
than the last man in charge
a shift in vibration -
away from the self defeating
nature of fear and manipulation
back to progressive
active participation
in the making of a respected

All rights reserved by author. Linda Joy Burke


Denee Barr Art News and More said...


Looking forward to your presentation at Minas Gallery.


Warm Winter Regards,


Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Good Morning Linda,

Looking forward to your program at the Minas Gallery.


Warm Winter Regards,


Anonymous said...

Winter of your content
is amazing
from somewhere not America.

It hurt you too these
times passed so hard
like leather on bleeding backs
and no end, for there is no pity
in these men.

So why must we pity now
because you have chosen
another man
another kind of symbol
when what you need is not pity
but silence to your shouts
and an end to vile echoes.

I like your poetry so I wrote quickly here to send you our sense of waiting and seeing. It is not a probation. You are America after all and no one can judge you. You are a vacuum that creates its own reality. But not really in the end. But maybe. You can kill us all with one red button. It would take us longer to do that. But we dont want to so we dont have buttons. And so we are different I guess. You Americans and we Swiss.

One of My Peeps

One of My Peeps
Robin photo by ljoyburke

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